Jiangsu Dadao Machinery Group Co., LTD. take part in CISMA2015

The world's largest sewing machine professional exhibition, organized by the China Sewing Machinery Association 2015 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA2015), in September 23 to 26 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.
CISMA2015 brings together cutting-edge technology, integration of industrial chain and excellent new products in the background of China's sewing machinery industry in the background of the deepening adjustment of the transformation of the machinery industry in the context of the world's economic environment is more complicated, the factor cost continues to grow, and the profits of enterprises are shrinking. Sewing machinery in the field of new charm.

"Intelligent sewing solution" as the theme of the exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, from 23 countries and regions, more than 1240 exhibitors debut, interpretation of a world sewing machinery industry's top event. At the same time, it shows the latest achievements of the Chinese sewing machinery industry in terms of quality improvement, scientific and technological progress and independent innovation. The exhibition has achieved great success.

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